Sunday, 9 September 2012

Drupal 7 security notes

So I just put together a page on Drupal 7 Security.  It doesn't require a lot of existing knowledge about Drupal, but some appreciation would probably help - at least knowing that Drupal is extendable via Modules and customisable via Hooks.

The notes were created so I could give some advice on securing Drupal 7, and since I didn't have any knowledge about Drupal security, the goal of the notes is to bring someone up to speed on what mitigations or approaches Drupal makes available to solve certain security threats.

Here are the topics I cover:
The Basics
User Login
Access Control
Dynamic Code Execution
Output Encoding

What is interesting after you understand what Drupal offers, is to think about the things it does not offer.  I worry a lot  about validating input and if you use the Drupal Form API then you get a good framework for validation as well, similarly for the Menu system.  However for other types of input, GET request parameters, Cookies, Headers etc., you are on your own.  There are a variety of 3rd party modules that implement various security solutions e.g. security related headers etc., but it would be good if these were part of Drupal Core, as security should never just be an add-on.

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